Open Office – The Best MS Office Alternative

It seems like the web is loaded with word processors challenging the premier choice in word processors, Microsoft Word. All of these Word processors featured exceptional features, but one seems to beat MS Office perfectly, and that’s the Apache Open Office.

The Apache Open Office isn’t limited to one word processor; it’s a whole suite that features: word processor, database, spreadsheet, presentation, and graphics. And the best part is that each of them works overtime to perform better than Microsoft Office. I’ve been using Apache Open Office as an alternative for MS Office for years and it has been an amazing experience. And the best part about it is that it’s free.

Apache OpenOffice has been competing with the roots of its code going back over ten years. And for the past few years it has been single handedly winning the race with its weekly updates and bug fixes.

The seperate applications in Apache OpenOffice have a great integration level. Both the menu and the toolbar for each window are only relevant to the document that is being worked on, but you always make another separate document from the file menu. This also includes information from other apps, something like database rows included in a Writer document, is not very different.

The ‘Writer’ offers tons of different features: Templates for documents, many frames, option to merge your mail, a style manager, headers and footers based on sections, and much more. The sidebar docking feature is perfect if you want to work on a large screen monitor, because it’s easy to place multiple panels and tons of features can be used at one screen. With a very flexible design and layout, it single handedly demolishes MS Word in the race if you ask me.

Base offers a useful set of formatting tools and database design as well. Some of elements on the interface, like query creation, are not completely spontaneous. There were some small tiny bugs that are rational, for a program that keeps updating every few days.

Coming back to the General Interface, the responsiveness you’ll get is easily the best there is as compared to any word processor out there. Usually, AOO follows standard Windows OS conventionss. If you’re a user of Windows XP and Vista, the look and feel will suit you perfectly, that too with a faster processing rate. I’ve been using this program’s latest update for a year now, and till now I can safely say it’s way better than the standard MS Office suite.

Overall, I love the Apache OpenOffice. The feature set includes what a good office suite would and the developers have made their best efforts in creating a flexible interface to run more than one applications at one screen simultaneously so that your work is done faster and better. If you’re really sick of the old interface that the MS Office provides, then this is what you need to have. So far, Open Office is the best MS Office alternative out there.

IBM Lotus Symphony – Free word processor program


Back in ’08, we saw a change in the world of word processors because the IBM Lotus Symphony was released that year. The IBM Lotus Symphony is a power packed suite of office applications developed by IBM. Very similar to the usual selection, Microsoft Office, Lotus Symphony provides you the ability to edit/create/share presentations, texts, and spreadsheets. Different from Microsoft which is it’s counterpart, the IBM suite provides its users the ability to open a presentation/text/spreadsheet application from the very same position. So what this means is an individual can write a document, create and fill in a spreadsheet and create a presentation, and all that from the very same location. A different and faster approach than Microsoft Office.

Lotus Symphony works with Linux, IBM and Windows, and you can download and install it for free. The office suite consists of 3 applications: IBM Lotus Symphony Documents, IBM Lotus Symphony spreadsheet, IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations.

It’s vital to keep in mind that IBM Lotus Symphony bases mostly upon 3. So there are tons of features that you can find in both IBM Lotus Symphony and OpenOffice that are similar.


Lotus Symphony Document

This is basically the word processor that replaces MS Word. Don’t get me wrong when I say that this is a world class word processor that provides many features which are essential in making a pro word document. You must notice that there is a tabbed user interface that features a program or document.

You can also download tons of document types that can be of various types.

For people who love to have clip art in their word documents, you can download your favourite clip arts to make a creative word document and the best part about it is that you can save the documents in MS Word formats.

Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet

Ofcourse you’d need some place separate to handle your spreadsheets, won’t you? This is a substitute for MS Excel and enables you to produce new spreadsheets or use built in templates.

Lotus Symphony Presentation

Presentation is the replacement program from IBM Lotus Symphony for MS PowerPoint where you can create your desired PowerPoint documents from scratch or even edit pre made PowerPoint document.

Web Browser

Now this is something not every word processor suite provides. The web browser enables you to easily open links in tab while working on the project. This is a very handy web browser specially for those who frequently need to open and observe links in documents. A very good addition to the suite.


If you’re looking for a word processor better than the usual selection Microsoft Office at a price that is cheap or absolutely free, go for IBM Lotus Symphony. Email client like MS Access are not included, but if you really do need it you can use base which works the same. All in all it seems like IBM Lotus Symphony is a free word processor program that can get your work done easily and efficiently.


Google Docs – The Best Replacement for Microsoft Office

If you’re tired of using the same productivity suite i.e. Microsoft Office need something new, then Google Docs is your perfect replacement. Though sometimes people refrain from shifting to Google Docs because they think their needs wouldn’t be taken care of by a browser based word processor.

I, for one don’t support that statement. I’ve been using this for almost a year now and I think I’ve found the best replacement for Microsoft Office.

All the necessary tools that are needed in a productivity suite are available in Microsoft Office and with the help of a incredibly easy user interface, Google Docs proves to be a worthy replacement for Google Docs.


Google Docs Document menu bar

The menu for each of the different tools includes a download option with a preview option that supports Rich Text File, PDF, Word, OpenOffice and HTML. The ability to download and edit different file type help you directly download and edit documents from different extensions without bothering to change the style as other word processors require.


Google Docs Document AutoSave

Quite frankly the best feature of using any one of the Google Docs word processor utilities is the auto save feature, so that if your laptop battery dies suddenly you already have the latest version saved online. Another great feature is the revision history which enables you to jump back to an older version of the document in case you can’t retrieve the last autosaved file and if for instance you want to see what’s going on with every file of yours saved through the autosave feature, you can always visit your activity tab.

Real time Collaboration

This is another great feature that we haven’t seen a lot in most word processors. With real-time collaboration you can edit and create documents even if you’re far away from your colleagues. I didn’t see any feature like this on the Microsoft Office ever. Additionally you also get a chat option so that you can talk to your mates while making your choice document. Working on group projects was never this fun! As a tool for productivity, the ability to share and have 1 selected document instead of a file that’s being passed around is way too useful

Better import

When you copy and paste a web page into Microsoft Word you’ll see that it imports pictures and text but the placement can never be the same as what you want.

Well, that problem is solved by Google Docs. When you import pictures and other elements they are intelligently placed exactly the way you want them to be placed.



The best replacement

I’ve been using Google Drive for over a year now and I’m not bored at all. In fact, I actually like it even more than Microsoft Office which was rather boring. The continuous autosave feature makes it an amazing power tool to ensure your work is done on time. I’d rate this 10/10 over any productivity tool.


Etherpad – Open Source Collaborative Online Editor

Etherpad is a powerful real-time open source collaborative online editor made from Google Wave, the deserted and decommissioned “e-mail replacement” working in real-time that Google initiated and then soon ended. Etherpad is a document editing application that works in real-time and in collaboration. The users are presented with a blank canvas where they can collaborate with their friends online and let their creativity flow, you cannot integrate a grammar checker, such as learn from Grammarly? click here to read this grammarly review if it’s good for you, where you can integrate into MS WORD, Its way similar to Google Docs, apart from the changes which are usually shown way too fast, and the changes that are being made by everyone can be seen and even replayed kind of like how a VCR works. The best part about this is that it’s yours! Which is better than working with Google’s ephermal cloud as Etherpad is hosted on your own personal server and you have access to it whenever you want (assuming you have access to your server all the time.

Why would I even want this?

Etherpad has been used in countless offices, schools, colleges, universities and even writing communities for collaborative writing and the results that have been received are amazing. Need to team up on a word project? You don’t have to be sitting right next to each other for that! It’s really easy to contact a coworker or a close friend or anyone you want for that matter, create a new “pad,” paste a document in it and start making changes in real-time as you talk through the project. With the option to rewind and fast-forward any time you want, your work can always be edited the way you want in a lesser amount of time.

Another handy idea is gathering information from a bunch of people in a faster, simpler and smarter way. Looking at it this way, it does feature some functions that you can find in Google Drive applications, the only difference is that this isn’t hosted by Google’s cloud service; it’s hosted on your own server. For someone who uses Google Drive daily at work (People like news editors and gossip blog or magazine writers are great examples who have a necessity of writing), it can sometimes be something very annoying as it occasionally doesn’t change the save the changes you’ve made and tells you to refresh the page when you’re in the middle of something. Now that’s frustrating. Though it still proves to be better than word processors like MS word who still haven’t released any option for collaborating online and editing a word project in real-time even after being the leaders in the market for over 10 to 15 years.

Another good reason to work with Etherpad is that it is handled two to three different kinds of technologies, which include Node.js (it is a Javascript execution engine that works by server side) and Redis (a quick in-memory based NoSQL database). This is pretty fun for people who like to fool around with new technologies and want to know their way around things.


Tired of the lazy installations? Try Zoho docs for an online experience

In this new age we welcome more and more possibilities and inclusions. Life has become so vast that we have work in a multi-purpose way. We simply can’t sit at a place for a simple work and spend hours; also we can’t carry heavy electronics with us. Time is money and this becomes a fact when it comes to our documents. Yes, now we are able to create documents on our computers and we can process them, but the whole process has become a lazy going.

Now, we have the opportunity to go online with our docs. For this purpose we need a reliable, simple and efficient product and Zoho serves the purpose best.

Zoho Docs? What is it?

Zoho Docs is the next generation online document application which is gaining space in the market and in the hearts of its users. One of the foremost things is that it is simple in use. It features an online word processor which lets you edit, share and create documents. Much acclaimed and appreciated by the businessmen who mostly work online, this product eases your work in no time.

Importing and exporting documents

Having documents elsewhere and you need to edit them? Don’t worry, as Zoho has got your back. With the capability of importing documents from other sites, this application makes the ‘on-the-go’ phenomenon even more elaborate and easy. All of the variety of multiple document-formats are supported and the documents created can also be exported somewhere else also.

Work offline

Offline access is also the next generation feature. Zoho gives you the freedom of working on your document offline, but that doesn’t mean that you have to worry about saving them. When changes are made offline, then they are synced to your document the next time you are online. This feature not only saves time, but also makes you capable of working in a variety of ways non-stop.


Sharing and its primacies

Sharing documents with your friends is never hard or impossible with Zoho. With a click of a button, the chosen documents can be shared. Not just that, Zoho Docs also enable you to keep the charge of the document to yourself. Your friends can only edit the document shared based on the permissions you allow. Moreover, you can also collaborate with them in real-time to bring the best out by inclusion of all the combined efforts.

Admin console

With the admin console, it is easier to manage stuff in Zoho Docs. You can easily view and manage users, mange domains, customize logos, set user permissions and much more. The admin also gets activity reports of any possible edits in the document by other users. With the E-Discovery, admin of an organization also can quickly search for documents, and tackle it in case any mislead has been done.


Zoho Docs is the perfect match for your online work. With capabilities of serving for everyone – even elite businessmen, this product is definitely the next big thing.

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Choosing the best free word processor was not easy before, but now with the listed programs you can easily pick up one, it’s pretty much easy, because you can sort out the list for your own, on the basis of the advantages and disadvantages of all and then select one.

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Sometime you don’t have even a minute, we also got a solution for that with the list of online word processors to write and edit docs, spreadsheets and presentations.

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