Google Docs – The Best Replacement for Microsoft Office

If you’re tired of using the same productivity suite i.e. Microsoft Office need something new, then Google Docs is your perfect replacement. Though sometimes people refrain from shifting to Google Docs because they think their needs wouldn’t be taken care of by a browser based word processor.

I, for one don’t support that statement. I’ve been using this for almost a year now and I think I’ve found the best replacement for Microsoft Office.

All the necessary tools that are needed in a productivity suite are available in Microsoft Office and with the help of a incredibly easy user interface, Google Docs proves to be a worthy replacement for Google Docs.


Google Docs Document menu bar

The menu for each of the different tools includes a download option with a preview option that supports Rich Text File, PDF, Word, OpenOffice and HTML. The ability to download and edit different file type help you directly download and edit documents from different extensions without bothering to change the style as other word processors require.


Google Docs Document AutoSave

Quite frankly the best feature of using any one of the Google Docs word processor utilities is the auto save feature, so that if your laptop battery dies suddenly you already have the latest version saved online. Another great feature is the revision history which enables you to jump back to an older version of the document in case you can’t retrieve the last autosaved file and if for instance you want to see what’s going on with every file of yours saved through the autosave feature, you can always visit your activity tab.

Real time Collaboration

This is another great feature that we haven’t seen a lot in most word processors. With real-time collaboration you can edit and create documents even if you’re far away from your colleagues. I didn’t see any feature like this on the Microsoft Office ever. Additionally you also get a chat option so that you can talk to your mates while making your choice document. Working on group projects was never this fun! As a tool for productivity, the ability to share and have 1 selected document instead of a file that’s being passed around is way too useful

Better import

When you copy and paste a web page into Microsoft Word you’ll see that it imports pictures and text but the placement can never be the same as what you want.

Well, that problem is solved by Google Docs. When you import pictures and other elements they are intelligently placed exactly the way you want them to be placed.



The best replacement

I’ve been using Google Drive for over a year now and I’m not bored at all. In fact, I actually like it even more than Microsoft Office which was rather boring. The continuous autosave feature makes it an amazing power tool to ensure your work is done on time. I’d rate this 10/10 over any productivity tool.


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