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Back in ’08, we saw a change in the world of word processors because the IBM Lotus Symphony was released that year. The IBM Lotus Symphony is a power packed suite of office applications developed by IBM. Very similar to the usual selection, Microsoft Office, Lotus Symphony provides you the ability to edit/create/share presentations, texts, and spreadsheets. Different from Microsoft which is it’s counterpart, the IBM suite provides its users the ability to open a presentation/text/spreadsheet application from the very same position. So what this means is an individual can write a document, create and fill in a spreadsheet and create a presentation, and all that from the very same location. A different and faster approach than Microsoft Office.

Lotus Symphony works with Linux, IBM and Windows, and you can download and install it for free. The office suite consists of 3 applications: IBM Lotus Symphony Documents, IBM Lotus Symphony spreadsheet, IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations.

It’s vital to keep in mind that IBM Lotus Symphony bases mostly upon 3. So there are tons of features that you can find in both IBM Lotus Symphony and OpenOffice that are similar.


Lotus Symphony Document

This is basically the word processor that replaces MS Word. Don’t get me wrong when I say that this is a world class word processor that provides many features which are essential in making a pro word document. You must notice that there is a tabbed user interface that features a program or document.

You can also download tons of document types that can be of various types.

For people who love to have clip art in their word documents, you can download your favourite clip arts to make a creative word document and the best part about it is that you can save the documents in MS Word formats.

Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet

Ofcourse you’d need some place separate to handle your spreadsheets, won’t you? This is a substitute for MS Excel and enables you to produce new spreadsheets or use built in templates.

Lotus Symphony Presentation

Presentation is the replacement program from IBM Lotus Symphony for MS PowerPoint where you can create your desired PowerPoint documents from scratch or even edit pre made PowerPoint document.

Web Browser

Now this is something not every word processor suite provides. The web browser enables you to easily open links in tab while working on the project. This is a very handy web browser specially for those who frequently need to open and observe links in documents. A very good addition to the suite.


If you’re looking for a word processor better than the usual selection Microsoft Office at a price that is cheap or absolutely free, go for IBM Lotus Symphony. Email client like MS Access are not included, but if you really do need it you can use base which works the same. All in all it seems like IBM Lotus Symphony is a free word processor program that can get your work done easily and efficiently.


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