Jarte Word Processor- The five things you don’t know

Gone are the days when Microsoft Word used to be the only word processor. With word processors like Jarte, you can easily get additional features better than Microsoft Word. The main focus of the developers at Jarte was to make a word processor better and faster than Microsoft Word that offers additional features that are better than the basic features that are being offered by Microsoft Word for years.

Jarte is very stable because it is based on the ever so popular Microsoft Wordpad engine that makes it better than any other word processor, in my opinion. The installation is quite tiny and quick. It supports DOCX, DOC and RTF extensions and also features a tabbed view to view all of them at once. The user has an option to choose from three interactive modes that are minimalist, compact and classic. As the name of the mode suggests, they all carry different features that you can avail separately in every mode.  The best part about it is the Jarte can be directly run through a USB device, A CD or even online on Jarte’s website. This is one portability feature that I didn’t see in Microsoft Word in years of update. In Microsoft Word you have to install the heavy program inside your computer to edit a simple program. Jarte as compared to Word, provides simpler options that users need to hover and uses. Another thing I’ve found amazing is that the built in Encyclopedia keeps updating on a daily basis which is rather new and useful if you want to write about new and useful topics every day. Fun fact is that people have been using Jarte for a long time yet there are some features they are unaware of and have never used.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Jarte Word Processor.

Screen Capture:

Screen capture is pretty much what you call screenshot now. When you click this button it’ll allow you to capture any area of the screen that you may want to. With this feature a lot of problems are solved.

Export to PDF:

Ever wanted to write a helpful but didn’t because you don’t know how to? Well problem solved. With jarte you can export your documents as a PDF easily. This is another feature that not much people know about, I bet you didn’t either.

Finding features that I need:

The worst thing about processors like Microsoft word is that I don’t know how a feature works until I click on it. And if I don’t want to take a risk I’ll have to read the lengthy and boring ‘Help’ document.I consider it a huge waste of time. Jarte however provides explanation of every function very easily which is another plus point.

Scroll through languages

With Jarte you can scroll through languages, select them and use them. That’s one of the best parts of Jarte. Unlike Word you don’t have to choose a standard language at the start. You can change it from time to time.

Updating Encyclopedia

I bet if you’re using MS word 2004, the encyclopedia in it is limited to 2004. But not with Jarte. Jarte updates its encyclopedia every week so that you get the newest encyclopedia every time you write a new document.

4 thoughts on “Jarte Word Processor- The five things you don’t know

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  2. I have both MS Office 2007 & 2010 – LEGALLY & FULLY PAID FOR TO USE – BUT MS does not credit me at all – a skittish situation since I’ve always written a lot & now need to publish my final stuff.
    If Jarte is as good as you consider I’ll ALWAYS be VERY grateful.
    Thanks for letting me try it out!
    Have a GREAT future & season & 2018

  3. Where can you go to get a download of Jarte? It sounds pretty good. I want to stay away from MS and get a free wordprocessing program that’s quick to use and easy to learn. Thank you for your article on it.

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