NeoOffice – A Free Word Processor for MAC OS

It’s 2015 and it seems like the world is only stuck on one word processor for years. Microsoft Office has been the premier choice in terms of text, spreadsheets, database management, email, desktop publishing and presentations. However, sometimes people don’t have space on their laptops or PCs to install a whole suite for a small word file. What should they do? They should get their eyes jammed on an amazing free word processor that is open source. There are tons of them out there.

Open Source software usually have less support than Microsoft which is a huge technical empire, and the products they provide are also free of cost. They’ve come a long way and for about ten years they’ve been working really hard to outdo the leader MS Office with their rich features.

That’s right open source programs outdo MS Office in many ways, the most basic example is the support for multiple formats that MS Office never provides. And the best part is that they are open source and charge nothing for the amazing features that they provide. You heard me correctly; they are completely free of charge.

Most free or open source programs that roll out have a standard of all features that MS Office can compete with: word processing, presentations and spreadsheets. Many of the alternatives for MS Office offer more features than MS Office ever did.

Most usually the need for open source word processors are for Mac users because MS Office is only limited to Windows OS. Well that problem is now solved.

The NeoOffice suite is branch of another amazing open source word processor Open Office that has been the best choice of customers for years. The NeoOffice is made especially for Mac OS users.

NeoOffice almost has all the features that are available in but, they focus more on the unique needs of Mac Users all over the world. It also features a complete Mac-like installation process that is quick and easy. This also includes integration into the OS X interface and permission to use Mac OS X fonts and its printing services

The latest version of NeoOffice, v3.3, features text drawing in high resolution for Retina displays, the compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8 Gate keeper and Mountain lion and finally local Mac OS X text highlighting.

As told above this amazing open source word processor for back has no fee whatsoever and in open licensed.


  • Complete Mac-native Open office suite that doesn’t require XII installation
  • Outstanding support for Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Works documents
  • Better integration with the interface of OS X Aqua.
  • Integration with OS X print, spell check, font, & input technologies
  • Integration with Spotlight , Finder, Mail, and other local MAC OS apps
  • Support for Intel and Mac processors


  • The speed is rather slow
  • The media plugin support is very limited
  • Some bugs with Aqua interface and Macintosh UI
  • Not completely compatible with Microsoft Office OpenXML


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