Welcome to Word Processor Free Blog (Your one Stop Shop to..)

Welcome to the Blog, where there are only words about word processors, nothing else. Yes!

Our first article about word processors is published, you can check it out right away.

Choosing the best free word processor was not easy before, but now with the listed programs you can easily pick up one, it’s pretty much easy, because you can sort out the list for your own, on the basis of the advantages and disadvantages of all and then select one.

All right,

So you already understand what’s a word processor and why we use it,

as we stated in our first article sometimes you really need to have an alternative, especially of Microsoft word, open office etc.

because they require lot of space and time to get things done.

Sometime you don’t have even a minute, we also got a solution for that with the list of online word processors to write and edit docs, spreadsheets and presentations.

See you soon in the next blog post, tell than peace and blessings.

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