Tired of the lazy installations? Try Zoho docs for an online experience

In this new age we welcome more and more possibilities and inclusions. Life has become so vast that we have work in a multi-purpose way. We simply can’t sit at a place for a simple work and spend hours; also we can’t carry heavy electronics with us. Time is money and this becomes a fact when it comes to our documents. Yes, now we are able to create documents on our computers and we can process them, but the whole process has become a lazy going.

Now, we have the opportunity to go online with our docs. For this purpose we need a reliable, simple and efficient product and Zoho serves the purpose best.

Zoho Docs? What is it?

Zoho Docs is the next generation online document application which is gaining space in the market and in the hearts of its users. One of the foremost things is that it is simple in use. It features an online word processor which lets you edit, share and create documents. Much acclaimed and appreciated by the businessmen who mostly work online, this product eases your work in no time.

Importing and exporting documents

Having documents elsewhere and you need to edit them? Don’t worry, as Zoho has got your back. With the capability of importing documents from other sites, this application makes the ‘on-the-go’ phenomenon even more elaborate and easy. All of the variety of multiple document-formats are supported and the documents created can also be exported somewhere else also.

Work offline

Offline access is also the next generation feature. Zoho gives you the freedom of working on your document offline, but that doesn’t mean that you have to worry about saving them. When changes are made offline, then they are synced to your document the next time you are online. This feature not only saves time, but also makes you capable of working in a variety of ways non-stop.


Sharing and its primacies

Sharing documents with your friends is never hard or impossible with Zoho. With a click of a button, the chosen documents can be shared. Not just that, Zoho Docs also enable you to keep the charge of the document to yourself. Your friends can only edit the document shared based on the permissions you allow. Moreover, you can also collaborate with them in real-time to bring the best out by inclusion of all the combined efforts.

Admin console

With the admin console, it is easier to manage stuff in Zoho Docs. You can easily view and manage users, mange domains, customize logos, set user permissions and much more. The admin also gets activity reports of any possible edits in the document by other users. With the E-Discovery, admin of an organization also can quickly search for documents, and tackle it in case any mislead has been done.


Zoho Docs is the perfect match for your online work. With capabilities of serving for everyone – even elite businessmen, this product is definitely the next big thing.

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